Blessing Baskets serves western Canadian County through our Families with Children Summer Food Program, school supply program, and a Christmas Baskets program since 1999.

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Christmas Baskets

El Reno Blessing Baskets orchestrates the community Christmas program in western Canadian County and has served people in need since 1999. Not only are the physical needs met with food, personal care items, blankets and toys but also psychological needs are met with the care and concern shown by the community. Over 2,000 people are served each year,  which includes over 900 children. The program is funded by community donations, the United Way of Canadian County, the Mary K. Ashbrook Foundation and others. Volunteers from the community serve in all capacities of the program


Families with Children
Summer Food Program

The Families with Children Summer Food Program began in summer 2012 and continues to grow substantially each summer. Kid friendly food is distributed to families with children during the summer months. We work through a partnership with The Lord’s Harvest for purchasing and distributing this food. The United Way of Canadian County funded this program with a $10,000 venture grant in 2013. Chesapeake Energy was one of the initial funders and The Mary K. Ashbrook Foundation along with the United Way. The Mary K. Ashbrook Foundation, the United Way as well as Community donations and grants continue to help fund the program. These generous grants as well as community donations allowed this program to grow to serve hundreds of families and children in western Canadian County each Summer.


School Supply Program

Many students  begin the school year with no school supplies. For several years El Reno Blessing Baskets and Community Action has coordinated the distribution of school supplies to students in need. The number of students in need continue to grow and the number of students we help doubled in the last few years.  We take the lists from the schools and provide students  in need, PreK – 12th grade, the necessary school supplies to begin school each fall.