Over the past year our organization has been very active with enhancing the programs offered. We hope this annual report will give you a clear snapshot of our year.

In 1999, El Reno Blessing Baskets was established by church, community and social service leaders. The dreams of these founders were not only to provide the needs of people at Christmas but also at other times of the year. This dream blossomed this year with the growth of the Families with Summer Food Program and the School Supply Program.

Our organization served over 2,500 western Canadian County citizens with financial assistance through the tangible items distributed. We could not have accomplished this level of service without the commitment and long hours of our volunteers.

We also could not operate without financial support. Our community, United Way, The Mary K. Ashbrook Foundation and Chesapeake Energy enable us to buy the desired quality and quantity items distributed year after year.

As the Board we look forward to each year with open eyes, ears and heart so that those in need will be served better each year.