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Blessing Baskets manages the community Christmas program in western Canadian County. This program includes gifts for children and food for the family.

Gifts for Children

We will have shopping days/times for each family with Wal Mart. The family will shop for specific toys for their child/children and Blessing Baskets will pay for them.

Food for the Family

One or two boxes of food will be distributed in our drive through (like we did last year). This food comes from our partnership with The Lord’s Harvest.


If you live in western Canadian County and would like to participate in this program at Christmas, you can complete an application before December 3, 2021 through the Canadian County Community Action Agency, 203 N Bickford, El Reno.

You Quality If …

  • You live west of Banner Road in Canadian County
  • Your household income is less than 185% of poverty level. (The Canadian County Community Action Agency can help you determine if you qualify.)
  • Your family needs assistance with Christmas food and toys

Make sure to apply at the Canadian County Community Action Agency at 203 N Bickford before December 3, 2021!

(Please note that the Community Action Agency does not separate households the way DHS does. We will need the following information for everyone at your address.)

It’s easy! Just bring 4 things to our office:

  1. Photo ID – Bring a photo ID for everyone at your address (any kind is fine.)
  2. Proof of Income for every resident at your address (a couple of recent paystubs, a social security award letter for this year, etc.)
  3. Social Security Card(s) for every resident (an old income tax return, or the SSN number on anything official is fine.)
  4. Proof of Residency (some utility bill, rent receipt, anything official dated from this month addressed to you.) Please note that the Community Action Agency cannot accept the following.
    1. Letters from DHS
    2. Mail with no date or postmark on it
    3. Mail to a PO Box
    4. A personal letter or junk mail