We are a non-profit organization serving western Canadian County. With the help of our community (partners, volunteers and donors) we provide several programs for families with children as well as an annual Christmas program to provide food and other essential items for individuals and families.

The individuals and families we serve live in Canadian County west of Banner Road and meet certain household income qualifications. If your children qualify for free or reduced lunches, you will qualify for our programs.

Christmas Baskets


Our Christmas Baskets program has served families with children since 1999. We provide groceries, grocery vouchers, essential items and our “Shop for Your Child” program at WalMart enabling grateful parents to select Christmas gifts for their children, compliments of Blessing Baskets. Blessing Baskets has been orchestrating the community Christmas for over 25 years, providing Christmas assistance for over 500 households and more than 600 children each year!

This program is made possible through community donations, the United Way of Canadian County, the Mary K Ashbrook Foundation, and our many wonderful volunteers who serve in all capacities of the program.

We know we are meeting the physical needs of these families. We believe that knowing the community cares about them also helps meet their psychological and emotional needs.

Families with Children
Grocery Program

The Families with Children Grocery Program began in 2012 and continues to grow every year. We provide kid-friendly grocery items to hundreds of families with children in March, May, June, July, August and October (and December via our Christmas Baskets program). We focus on months when children are at home, not receiving breakfast and lunch at school. Many homes would not have enough food at those times if Blessing Baskets did not help fill their pantries.

Our partners in this program include The Lord’s Harvest, the United Way of Canadian County, the Mary K Ashbrook Foundation as well as numerous donors from our community. We also receive many generous grants to help us serve families and children.

Senior Monthly Grocery Program

Through our Senior Monthly Grocery Program, we are assisting qualified Seniors with a grocery distribution each month.